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What Warcraft maps do you want to see ported to Heroes of Newerth?

The general consensus regarding HoN's map editor is that... it is going to make it easier for interested people to make maps/mods as Blizzard's World Editor did for Warcraft 3. This comes as a plus for S2 since this will attract Warcraft gamers who play WC3 custom maps other than DotA.

I know a lot of you are very excited to see your favorite TDs, RPGs and Hero Arenas on the K2 engine.

So the question is:

What Warcraft maps would you like to see being ported to HoN?

Atchucan Gaming team choices:
1. Elimination Tournament
*third person shooter (real fun) - Snipers!

2. Fufu United Ninja All-Stars
*ninja mod with Panda Ninjas jumping around!!! hehe...
What's yours?

P.S. I will be giving HoN beta keys to people who will contribute well on this article.


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