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Gonna play DotA later on Garena

It's been a long time since I played DotA All-Stars. I'll try playing DotA later on Garena

Looking forward to Fedora 11 Leonidas

I'm currently looking forward to Fedora 11 codename Leonidas. It's a good Linux distro. Much cooler than Windows. Check it out at
Leonidas: SPARTAAANS!!!

Fast EXP on Garena using Fufu Ninja

Garena exp hacks is fake. Suspicious programmers make you install hot garena tools then they STEAL your accounts. To get fast exp safely on Garena, play Fufu Ninja.

Want 1 month free KRISPY KREME donuts? Hunt Spectre

If you're from Malaysia and use nuffnang, you have the chance to get a month's supply of krispy kreme donuts by hunting for spectre. The hunt is on at Nuffnang.

Trying out free and better alternatives to Microsoft Word

I bought a laptop with an original Windows Vista operating system installed and guess what? MS Word is a Trial version and is about to expire. I'm checking out OpenOffice - it's free!

Checking out Ubuntu 9.04

I prefer Ubuntu over Windows. Check out the Ubuntu Website. It's a free operating system.

Blogging about Warcraft Elimination Tournament

Just blogged about a Warcraft custom map called Elimination Tournament.
It's much more fun than DotA.

Ninja Spartans converted to Twitter

From now on, Ninja Spartans will be using the micro-blogging format like Twitter.
We will be posting here stuff that's happening around the Atchucan HQ and the stuff we're working on. Don't forget to subscribe to our updates!