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Here at NinjaSpartans, we really love our readers. So as a gesture of appreciation, we're giving out 500 ENTRECARD credits!


Just answer 2 simple questions.

a) What is your favorite game of all time?
b) What is the reason why you love that game?

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John | Retro Programming said...

My favourite game of all time, that would be Core War :-) The games was design in 1984 and first published in Scientific American. Players write a program which competes against the programs of other players.

My second favourite game is MUD (or British Legends) from 1978. It's like a text adventure where you interact with other players. Sometimes teamwork is required, other times your competing against them.

My third favourite is Settlers (closely followed by Harvest Moon). They're both open-ended management games.

I love these because they have great depth and tons on replay value. :-) There are mutliple paths though the games. Corewar, Settlers and Harvest Moon all give a feeling of satisfaction when you creating something successful.

kenwooi said...

too bad i dont have an entercard account.. =P

Josh said...

Favorite game? Brigandine on PS.

Its a game released by Atlus back in 1998. I been playing it for almost 10 years now and I am still playing it once after every 6 months. It has a very very high replay value for me.

What makes me love it so much?
The objective of the game is to be the last country standing in the continent. You start off by selecting one of the available 5 rulers to control, with 1 more ruler can be unlocked using a code.

Once chosen, there will be a some historical scene and depending on the ruler you have chosen, there will be a short introduction on why they want to take part of the war in the continent.

Knights are use to defend and attack castle in order to take over the continent. Monster can be summon to assist the knights but be careful of the mana upkeep.

Until a country been defeated, some of the knights from the country will join another country to continue on their battle.

Some great knights and items can be obtain through the one of a kind "Quest" function.

Although the outcome is always the winner takes all, but the process of taking over the continent varies everytime I play the game! Simply love it.

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