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Fielding talks about Heroes of Newerth's future

Last time, Zileas of Riot Games (makers of the DBG called League of Legends) talked about the DBG genre and added some insider stuff about League of Legends.

This time, Fielding of S2 Games (makers of Heroes of Newerth) will talk about the future of Heroes of Newerth - the DBG touted by many as the next step in the evolution of DotA.

Yes, we're approaching the point in development where we feel most of the 'ground work' for HoN is in place and we can start making the necessary tweak's to HoN's gameplay. We knew from the start that the changes between HoN and DotA would be significant enough to warrant our own changes. Simple things like showing mana bars, to more complex things like a different hero pool, they all add up and have made HoN into what it is: a game based on DotA, yet different from DotA. Being a different game, it needs its own tweaks. We've got tons of information gathering tools at our disposal, including the usage of raw statistics, and with our own engine and coders to make literally any change we deem necessary, it's a pretty exciting prospect.

That's not to say we're about to branch out and be totally different from the game we're based on. HoN's roots do indeed come from DotA, and we're not forgetting those roots. We just know that HoN, as its own game, is going to need special balance considerations that will differ from DotA.
Looks like we're gonna be expecting loads of new content from this DBG.

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