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Giving Away Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys


Tonight we dine in NEWERTH!!!
The Atchucan Gaming team is giving away HEROES OF NEWERTH beta keys!
Read all about it on the Atchucan blog.

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clyde said...

hi, can i have an extra HoN beta account? I really want to play HoN.

Anonymous said...

heLLo. Im FROM Philippines.
Im playing DOTA for 5yrs. IM also playing World Of Warcraft(RETAIL) but I like to TRY and Play HON. becoz its Similar to the Graphics of Starcraft II and Like an ADVANCE DOTA.
i badly need 1 BETA KEY.. someone pls give me..



Anonymous said...

I would like a beta

Zeru said...

please give me a beta key
i have been playing dota for 3 years and i think this wud be nice to try

Herg said...

please HoN beta key

Anonymous said...

Please give me a HoN beta key ive waited a long time for this game and i couldnt play it because i have no key :(

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