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Ninjas play on Garena

Where do the real ninjas play at?
3 syllables - Garena

Garena is the best place to play Warcraft 3: DotA and Warcraft 3: Fufu Ninja.
In fact all of my friends keep playing in Garena since it has absolutely zero-leg.
Plus with all that sophisticated stuff regarding map hacks, I feel confident that I am not being cheated on.

As real ninjas, we play what else... NINJA MAPS!
And the best Warcraft Ninja map I have played so far is:

Whether you are from Malaysia, Mongolia or the Philippines, Garena has a Fufu Ninja room for you. In fact, the official Warcraft server is Garena.
Here's a .PNG file I found over at the Garena forums.

Pretty neat huh.
Wanna play DotA or Fufu Ninja with me?
I'm available: Atchucan @ Garena
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