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What Warcraft maps do you want to see ported to Heroes of Newerth?

The general consensus regarding HoN's map editor is that... it is going to make it easier for interested people to make maps/mods as Blizzard's World Editor did for Warcraft 3. This comes as a plus for S2 since this will attract Warcraft gamers who play WC3 custom maps other than DotA.

I know a lot of you are very excited to see your favorite TDs, RPGs and Hero Arenas on the K2 engine.

So the question is:

What Warcraft maps would you like to see being ported to HoN?

Atchucan Gaming team choices:
1. Elimination Tournament
*third person shooter (real fun) - Snipers!

2. Fufu United Ninja All-Stars
*ninja mod with Panda Ninjas jumping around!!! hehe...
What's yours?

P.S. I will be giving HoN beta keys to people who will contribute well on this article.

Fielding talks about Heroes of Newerth's future

Last time, Zileas of Riot Games (makers of the DBG called League of Legends) talked about the DBG genre and added some insider stuff about League of Legends.

This time, Fielding of S2 Games (makers of Heroes of Newerth) will talk about the future of Heroes of Newerth - the DBG touted by many as the next step in the evolution of DotA.

Yes, we're approaching the point in development where we feel most of the 'ground work' for HoN is in place and we can start making the necessary tweak's to HoN's gameplay. We knew from the start that the changes between HoN and DotA would be significant enough to warrant our own changes. Simple things like showing mana bars, to more complex things like a different hero pool, they all add up and have made HoN into what it is: a game based on DotA, yet different from DotA. Being a different game, it needs its own tweaks. We've got tons of information gathering tools at our disposal, including the usage of raw statistics, and with our own engine and coders to make literally any change we deem necessary, it's a pretty exciting prospect.

That's not to say we're about to branch out and be totally different from the game we're based on. HoN's roots do indeed come from DotA, and we're not forgetting those roots. We just know that HoN, as its own game, is going to need special balance considerations that will differ from DotA.
Looks like we're gonna be expecting loads of new content from this DBG.

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Zileas of Riot Games talks about the DBG genre

The post mentioned below does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the NinjaSpartans blog.

Zileas of Riot Games talks about the top 2 competitors in the DotA Based Games genre.

LoL is really about innovation and driving the genre forward while retaining its competitive spirit – we’ve done a lot of completely new champions, gameplay and item designs to make the basic experience more fun, and to add new elements of strategy and gameplay. We hope to simplify the barrier to entry, while retaining the same depth, and making it all more fun at the same time. Your post does not mention anything about this, and it is the #1 differentiating point of LoL. To use an analogy, if DOTA is Everquest, we’d like to be WoW.

HoN on the other hand is focused on being a big upgrade in user interface, graphics and back-end features to the basic dota experience to make it a lot better, but is not about innovation. I believe 1/8th or so of their heroes are unique to HoN, the rest being reskins or minor touchups of original DOTA heroes. For some type of gamers this will be a much better experience than LoL, while for those wanting something newer, they’ll typically prefer LoL. Using another game analogy, if DOTA is Counterstrike, HoN is CS: Source plus a little bit.
That basically summed up his views on the differences between HON and LOL.

Zileas adds this insider stuff about League of Legends:

I’d also like to mention that competitive play is EXTREMELY important to us at Riot. Half of the design staff has been top tier competitive (world or regional champions at respected products like CS, DOTA, Starcraft, SSBM, WoW Arena) which is unlike any other game design team I’ve been on, and we regularly consult pro dota players in the play balance and design of our game. I’ve been in charge of play balance on two competitive RTS products (war3 expansion, strifeshadow). Our overall strength in this area is in contrast to HoN, but works fine for them – because they are staying very close to DOTA, they can in effect borrow Icefrog’s expertise on these matters since they are taking fewer innovative risks. But because we intend to innovate a lot and as our primary means of advancing the genre, we’ve invested heavily in having staff that understand play balance and competitive gameplay on a really deep level.

There you have it! Straight from the Director of Systems Design for League of Legends.

League of Legends - Free 2 Play DBG

You can also check out League of Legends - a free to play game title under the DotA Based Games genre.

Read more about it on the Atchucan blog:

You can chat with any of the Atchucan members about upcoming DBG titles at: