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Visit the Atchucan Blog

Visit the Atchucan Blog
By Clicking on the Image Official DotA-AllStars Website is now the OFFICIAL DotA All-Stars website.

Why switch to PlayDotA instead of the old League of Legends infested DA run by Pendragon?

Here's the official statement by Icefrog on the Play Dota website:

The overall goal for this site is to provide a long term service to the DotA community improve a DotA player's ability to enjoy the game and become more immersed in the DotA world overall.

I do not currently plan on having any advertisements on the site, so please do not send requests regarding this. Our focus is going to be on the well-being of the game and nourishing the community at large. Ad revenue or maximizing traffic will not be a driving force behind any decisions we make. will actively promote events and news from many different communities that support DotA. While we want to provide users with a quality experience here, our view is that the more we raise exposure to the positive activities that many leagues, fansites, and organizations are doing the better it is for DotA.

So what are you waiting for?
Make the switch now!


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