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League of Legends and Dota Controversy

The DotA conspiracy
-Atchucan May 15 2009

I've been around the DotA All-Stars community since the old Dota forums although I didn't sign up right away to the new one (

Back then, all was good. There were still some other DotA versions like the Mercenaries franchise that was still on life-support. There was no Garena yet at that time. DotA was being played on Battle net and in numerous other small LAN emulators and independent PvPGNs.

The year was 2005.
A few months before that, Icefrog took the reins from the abandoned Guinsoo project. This was a welcome change. From the old AOS custom that was being bashed by other members of the map making community for being overrated, it was slowly turning into something more polished.
DotA All-Stars was growing at an unbelievable rate.

With new players being added to the fold everyday and more and more newbies looking for DotA resources, the old timers felt that it was time for DotA to have it's own home since admit it or not, the old forums was what we call... "in disarray" actually.

Then Pendragon stepped in to provide the domain and all the prerequisites for the founding of a new home. Thus, was born.

It was a young site. There were problems with it. But when all these were fixed thanks to the dedication of Pendragon and the various community members that are long gone from these forums.

A new DotA map was released... This time, endorsing on the loading screen and then BOOM! Community registrations shot off the roof. It was now easier to share strategies, guides, report bugs, etc. The DotA AllStars forum went through a metamorphosis. The forum was undergoing rapid changes.

And here comes the 1st symptom that manifested: Not allowing the discussion of other Warcraft custom maps. Other wc3 communities tolerated this since they understood that Warcraft maps were meant to be enjoyed. Pendragon's DotA community wanted monopoly. There were various theories but it nothing was ever confirmed till the next event happened.

On October 2008, League of Legends was announced.

Despite all the contributions Icefrog, Guinsoo and Pendragon gave to the development of DotA, they were not allowed one thing. It is stated in Blizzard's terms and conditions that everything you create using the Warcraft World Editor remains as Blizzard property. Thus, you are not allowed to PROFIT from DotA. Even if DotA AllStars is one of the biggest gaming communities in the world, the creators and their affiliates are not allowed to take even a single cent.

Enter League of Legends - the commercial venture of some of the people involved in the DotA project who wanted to turn a profit. This was a legal way of earning money. By creating a game not running on the Warcraft engine, the game developers could not be prosecuted legally by
Blizzard Entertainment.

A few weeks ago, Pendragon's grand plan was revealed starting with the pimped up new servers to solve the slow forum problems. Next was the redesign and overhaul of the DotA-AllStars website. Then just over 24 hours ago, the first newsfeed was released to all your e-mail accounts together with the public announcement of a new unneeded program - the controversial DotA Patcher.

This is where the interests of both parties conflict. Read on for the best part:

Pendragon and his crew want to continually move DotA All-Stars to something more commercial. They are going through phases to make the target market of League of Legends soften up to a commercial version of DotA All-Stars. By harnessing the power of the existing communiity with it's millions of registered users, Riot Games would have a ready market for it's baby.

Icefrog wants DotA All-Stars to be what it currently is: a free to download Warcraft map that is meant to be enjoyed even if the game developers do not get a single cent from dedicating their time on it.

You won't get any official statements explaining the whole story from any of the parties involved since it benefits no one.
Please take note that the developers of LOL have made a substantial investment. If Icefrog releases his side of the story, majority of the DotA players
would boycott the League of Legends product. Nobody wants that. Icefrog made the right decision.

He left to be free to develop the game without sacrificing his principles while having the integrity of League of Legends left intact at the same time.


Anonymous said...

wow nice

Anonymous said...

i see.

Anonymous said...

good article

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you for enlightening us
we salute icefrog!

forget all those LOL losers
League of LOSERS

Anonymous said...

Regardless of its truth content, it is too bad that this article got deleted from DA

Anonymous said...

PRO story


obv. T-up :P

Anonymous said...

Unless you know IceFrog, or Pendragon personally, and have talked with the respective person about what you write, it's simply a speculation.

While it may true, there could always be something more to it.

For example, have you considered the fact that Pendragon wants nothing more, but a little advertisement of the pc game he's involved in ? He did mention that he would still support a DotA community, and he even is going to take steps for making it better - with new sites, features... Where's the proof that he actually plans to steal the community. Oh, what a villain.

Please, it sounds ridiculous.

I myself have no reason to believe any such theories, and while I have my very own, different from I described above, I prefer to not share it.

The sad truth is, even though IceFrog may have had a very good reason to leave, all he did was actually harm the community. That's right, the community loses. It's in now split between DotA-allstars, which is still the official site, and such speculations that are doing nothing but spread doubts and whatnot among the players.

Anonymous said...

/b/ sucks
100M get

°o.O-=|£µ¢ä§¢®µz06@|-|ö†(/)ä¡£.¢ö(/)|=-O.o° said...


Anonymous said...

Cool story, bro.

But I think we all love the idea of hero and villain.

Anonymous said...

well i think that the situation is clear:

Dota 5v5, Pro Only, Ban On

Sentinel: IceFrog, Pendragon ...
Scourge: Riot, Pudge, Venge ...

sentinel are ownin,
in bottom lane are icefrog and pendragon vs Riot, and then the unexpected happens
pendragon uses the -switchdick command ( a command that instantly switches the player with no voting )
pendragon then stuns icefrog and riot finishes him of

after 30 sec IceFrog revived and went to the secret shop and got a big dildo and stick it up in Pendragons ... , GAME OVER Pendragon banned for using cheat

:) my full support for iceforg from WarChief

Anonymous said...

it's that useless program called dota patcher
only suckers fell for it

it's buggy plus it could have spyware

Anonymous said...

I think there HAS to be a grain of truth in your theory since it was removed from DA. Generally, crap stays on GD cause everyone knows its written by /b/tards so there must be something right in your article.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

I post at Forun, a theory. I said that the Patcher may be, a way to crash your dotas game on the future or even a marketing atualization, on all dotas.

so, they delete my post in - 12.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess there is no such thing as bad press:P

I will play LOL and will promote it and you can't do shit about it and I will also play Dota and you can't do shit about it...

Also Icefrog plays LOL, Ironic isn't it:P

Anonymous said...

wow, it's amazing how people will get their panties in a bunch about some fucking videogames

guarantee in a couple years you'll be playing neither dota nor lol

кuze said...

Thanks IceFrog for doing the right thing and not selling out.

Anonymous said...

"Read on for the best part"... lol if you must tell me it's the best part then you obviously know my opinion and therefore obviously know what actually went down between them.

The internet is a series of tubes my friend, it's not something you just put something on.

Anonymous said...

makes perfect sense.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

You don't know Icefrogs side of the story. Rummer has it that he is "supporting" another game (obviously not league of legends). The thing is it appears that it is Icefrog who initiated the problem. You'll all forget about what I said it when advertising starts appearing on his new site. Or Icefrog starts saying... I played this really cool game last week.

The point is, PD is getting all the flac for something that is really caused due to Icefrog.

I have my ideas on what this game might be, but I'm not 100% sure. I think its the reason Icefrog didn't agree to join with LOL.

Anonymous said...

The game that Icefrog is supposedly supporting is most likely Heroes of Newerth.

Even so, LoL still looks pretty bad ass. I'm looking forward to it coming out.

Anonymous said...

someone said "LOOK AT LOL HEROES!THEY ARE JUST COPIES OF DOTA HEROES!", HoN's heroes are copies of DotA heroes too. and some are more imba. I played DotA for a long time but after DotA 5.48 the game was not the same. sorry for those who like Icefrog but older maps where way better. I play HoN and trying to play LoL. ppl play what they want but since DotA needs WC3 it'll always be limited.

Anonymous said...

LoL is amazing, I cant even touch HoN or dota after playing it.

Anonymous said...

Heroes of Newerth is much more amazing, I cant even touch lol or dota after playing it.

Anonymous said...

My penis is Incredible, i cant touch LoL Hon OR DotA after playing with it. My fingers are all sticky.

Anonymous said...

You're all dumb niggers.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that League of Legends is FREE

Anonymous said...

who the f cares if LoL is free.
crappy game

go pre-order dota 2.

Anonymous said...

LoL heroes are not DotA clones. Far from it.
HoN heroes are DotA clones, because IceFrog worked with S2 games on their creation.

Pendragon, Guinsoo and IceFrog all knew they could make money with a stand-alone MOBA like DotA. Pendragon and Guinsoo were clear that they wanted to make a stand-alone game for profit. IceFrog chose to market behind their backs, alone, as he felt he was the real genius behind the DotA project.

Pendragon and Guinsoo wanted IceFrog to be on the team. IceFrog thought he was worth more than them. He went off to work for S2 games on HoN, while Pendragon and Guinsoo went to Riot for LoL.

HoN is a DotA clone, due in large part to IceFrog's influence.

LoL is similar to DotA, but different enough that it more unique.

HoN's learning curve is right on par with DotA's: not noob friendly. Rewarding once you get some skill, but difficult to learn.

LoL is very easy to pick up and play immediately. But once you figure out the nuances of the game, team goals and whatnot, you realize that there is still a lot of skill required to play it (despite the ease).

Now IceFrog is developing DotA 2 with Valve, and it will surely be successful. It will not kill HoN or LoL, but their traffic will probably decrease. LoL's saving grace is that it's free to play, so it will hurt less than HoN. But both games will lose the old DotA pros.

HoN and LoL fans constantly butt heads over which game is better. It's funny, because they're two different games, with distinct styles. Both are fun, and both are different. Depends what you are looking for as a gamer.


Anonymous said...

Ok... you forgot Icefrog's attempt at selling a DotA consept to S2, riot, valve and others.. but w/e

Anonymous said...

Much respect to Icefrog.

Boycott LoL! Worst game ever.

And they claim to be the worthiest successor to Dota?

DotA blows LoL out of the water.

Good thing there's dota 2 and hon. :)

Anonymous said...

You morons realize he posted this before that information came out?

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