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The Evolution of DOTA

DOTA was the standard.
But just like every organism that wants to survive this ever-changing world, evolution happens.

Multiple offshoots tend to emerge in this chaotic process to find the perfect mix and match of DNA which is so essential to the survival of the genus. It would be tough, it would be cutthroat. But Warcraft 3 DotA's successor must emerge. As early as now, there have been two recognized strains in the Dota genre that have been earmarked to have the biggest chance of emerging victorious in the DBG genre wars.

Enter S2 Games and Valve.
2 Award Winning Game Developers.
2 Game Companies known for their brand of excellence.

Common name: Heroes of Newerth
Scientific name: Dota malikus
"Blessed by the frog, the gorillas continue on."

Common name: Valve DotA
Scientific name: Dota valvus
"The frog finally takes up arms and alerts the armory!"

Can these 2 co-exist? Or will it be survival of the fittest?


Blue said...

League of legends will win :)

Anonymous said...

i think valve will get more players since they are a bigger company. juz my 2 cents

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