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League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth?

League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth are both upcoming titles for the DotA Based Games (DBG) genre.

Which game are you leaning towards to?

League of Legends
Developer: Riot Games
Gaming Platform: Windows
Genre: DBG (Dota Based Games)
Release date: Late 2009
Pricing model: Free to play
Beta Key Availability: Rare

Heroes of Newerth
Developer: S2 Games
Gaming Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Genre: DBG (DotA Based Games)
Release date: TBA
Pricing model: TBA
Beta Key Availability: Uncommon (I have spare HON beta keys)

Defend your answer without flaming.
You can post screenshots/links to prove your point.


Anonymous said...

could send me a key ?

Anonymous said...

would like a Hon key please.

yusuff83 said...

will i think Heroes of Newerth stands on a strong ground against League of Heroes because of its very nice graphics as what i've seen in the videos.. But am looking forward to experience it myself but before that i need a Beta Key to play it so can you provide me one?

Anonymous said...

I've been playing HoN since early july and i have to say that the community it has is utter shit. That, plus a steep learning curve makes it a terrible experience for players new to dota and this game. The people there have actually voted to kick my friend in a NOOBS game for sucking. I'm not even joking! Some heroes like Madman and Maliken are pretty imbalanced too causing people to pick them 90% of the time in -APEM and -AP games.
That said, HoN isn't an entirely bad game. There are some good points like the graphics, which is gorgeous. The smooth/lagless gameplay is also nice compared to the delay we'd get in DotA because of
So overall, i think LoL is the better game, after seeing some of the reviews of it.

Anonymous said...

HoN is just for DotA freaks but LoL is something new..everyone have to learn new stuffs and go up the ladder from there,thats what i like about lol:) infact i prefer LoL a lot pisses me off(and some other people out there i'm sure) who have not play dota before and wanted to play HoN on a noob game end up getting pwned every turn AND THEN flamed for being such a noob! wtf??it's a freaking noob game i just joined!

Anonymous said...

LOL is a free kiddie game while HON is dota but with better features.

Overall, HON is a better DBG compared to HON.

Anonymous said...

erm can u send me a HoN key?i've been dying to play it emel is

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